Sea kayaking and guided sea kayaking are part of the Shearwater Cove experience. Located just ten miles from Seward, Alaska by water, Shearwater Cove is positioned in the most scenic and protected water in Resurrection Bay.

Each yurt rental is a lodging package which includes a roundtrip scenic boat tour, oceanfront yurt lodging and unlimited access to the best kayaking in Resurrection Bay.


Kayaking is the best way to discover the Kenai Fjords.

Your stay includes unlimited use of our top of the line fleet of kayaks and equipment. We keep enough kayaks so that all guests can paddle at the same time. Nearby destinations include Humpy Cove and the Humpy Cove waterfall, Hat Island, Fox Island and the Fox Island Spit, a.k.a. Sandspit Point State Marine Park, Eldorado Narrows and Cape Resurrection.


New to kayaking or unsure about paddling on the ocean? We offer guided kayaking sessions!

During the 2 hour session you will learn how to gear up for kayaking, how to put the kayak in and out of the water, how to enter and exit the kayak, and how to safely paddle with an awareness of your surroundings. You’ll reach a nearby destination and learn more about the wildlife and scenery around you from our knowledgeable guide. The option to add a guided kayaking session to your reservation will appear once you have selected your dates and yurt.

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Shearwater Cove is home to abundant and diverse wildlife above and below the water.

Humpback whales are common near the Cove in June, and there is always a chance of spotting a group of resident Orcas. A harbor seal or sea lion may join you as you paddle along the coastline, and the bright white heads of bald eagles are commonly spotted in the hemlocks just above the water. Salmon run in a nearby stream in August and early September, attracting locals like black bears, river otter families, eagles, and resident orcas. Take a paddle at low tide and see hundreds of sea stars, urchins, chitons, anemones, barnacles, sculpin, and a host of other intertidal species. Bring your binoculars to scan the basalt peaks above Shearwater Cove for the shaggy outlines of mountain goats.