Shearwater Cove offers oceanfront yurt lodging and sea kayaking in Resurrection Bay near Seward, Alaska.

The Shearwater Cove experience is an inclusive package that includes a roundtrip scenic boat tour, ocean front yurt lodging, and access to the best kayaking in resurrection bay.

We provide transportation to our oceanfront yurts aboard our water taxi, the Shearwater. The package also includes guest access to our fleet of sea kayaks which you can use anytime during your stay.

Shearwater Cove is 10 miles from Seward Alaska and only accessible by boat. Shearwater Cove is located between Fox Island and Humpy Cove in a kayaker's paradise. From our yurts, Kayak to Fox Island and Humpy cove in protected water while surrounded by wildlife and stunning scenery.

Are you new to kayaking or want to learn more about the area from an experienced guide? We offer 2 hour long guided kayaking sessions. Check out our kayak page to learn more about guided kayaking or going on your own.

We felt perfectly removed from the rest of the world and time slowed a little. This experience was the highlight of our entire Alaskan vacation and something we’ll never forget.
— Megan