Yurt Rental, Boat Tour, and Kayaking Package

When describing Shearwater Cove, we use the term Wilderness Adventure Lodging. Shearwater Cove is not just a place to sleep at night - it is a stand-alone package experience. When you book a stay with us, your nightly rate includes not only a well-equipped yurt, but also your round trip boat tour transportation to and from the Cove, and unlimited use of our top-of-the-line sea kayaks and gear. We also have an on-site host which ensures that there is always someone on the property with guests to answer questions and provide guest orientations to the yurts and kayaks.

Sometimes potential guests don’t understand that a night at Shearwater Cove is a stand-alone package, or they aren’t familiar with how expensive travel and activities are in Alaska and the Seward area specifically. With that in mind, I am going to outline here the cost of doing each activity provided at Shearwater Cove a la carte versus booking a stay with us:

A La Carte (all pricing based on 2 people)

Round trip Water taxi transportation: $150

Standard Hotel Room in Seward with comparable oceanfront view: $350

Guided Kayak Trip in our part of Resurrection Bay: $400 (and that is only a half day trip!)

Grand Total 1 night, 2 people: $900


Shearwater Cove (pricing based on 2 people)

Round Trip water taxi transportation/boat tour

Fully equipped, oceanfront, off-grid Yurt

Unlimited use of sea kayaks and gear for entire length of stay

Grand Total 1 night, 2 people: $550

Shearwater Cove is hands down a HUGE savings for any adventurous traveler looking to stay at a unique place off the beaten path with activities and transportation included. What’s more, we offer a discount for stays of 2 nights or more. Instead of $550/night for two people, the rate drops to $495/night for a stay of 2 nights or more. That’s another $55 in savings per night.

Another benefit of staying at Shearwater Cove is money saved on eating out. The average meal cost when eating out in Seward, Alaska is $20/plate. Even sandwiches or a simple burger average $16. For a couple, you’re looking at about $40/meal just for 2 plates, not including drinks, alcohol, appetizers, or dessert.

While at Shearwater Cove guests prepare their own food in their yurt’s full kitchen. Each kitchen has a two burner propane stove top, sink with running water, drinking water, pot, pan, dishes, cups and mugs, cutlery, serving bowl, olive oil, salt and pepper, french press, coffee, and ice chest. Guests simply bring their own ingredients and ice. At the local Safeway, you can purchase ingredients, drinks, and alcohol for easily half of what you would spend eating out (depending on how much beer you buy, I guess!).

View of the yurt interior: queen memory foam mattress, full size sofa bed, kitchen, rolling cart with cutting board and dishes, heater.

View of the yurt interior: queen memory foam mattress, full size sofa bed, kitchen, rolling cart with cutting board and dishes, heater.

If you have any questions about what is included in the Shearwater Cove experience, please don’t hesitate to send us a message or give us a call at (907) 750-8095.

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